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Brooke Elvington, a ​Tampa Criminal Appellate Attorney


​Tampa Attorney, Brooke Elvington exclusively handles Florida Criminal Appeals and Post-Conviction Motions under Rules 3.800, 3.850 and 3.853 throughout the State.   Ms. Elvington began criminal defense litigation in 2001, and isolated her practice area to Florida criminal appeals and post-conviction cases beginning in 2005.  She understands the complexities involved in criminal cases, and has the experience and skill to successfully represent our clients' needs.  

Ms. Elvington specifically limits the practice to Florida Criminal Appeals and Post-Conviction cases because she found that our appellate clients deserve 100% of the firm's time, energy and resources. Criminal law is constantly evolving, and because Ms. Elvington devotes her time to this limited practice area, she remains on top of the changes, and is able to offer her clients new and creative approaches to appellate and post-conviction law.  

Families and clients often come to Ms. Elvington feeling confused, scared and isolated.  Ms. Elvington guarantees that every client is treated with respect, compassion and honesty.  Ms. Elvington explains the entire appellate process and post-conviction process to each client to ensure that he or she has a complete understanding of what he or she is facing.  

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